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Spanking + Discipline Inequation

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2009 at 3:58 pm

spankingThere is an in-equation held by some that spanking = discipline or more pernicious no spanking  = no discipline.

CNN recently ran an article on spanking and its ill effects. Some on a network where I occasionally hang out have rightly – I believe – criticized the choice of the study group, low-income families, as the outcomes may be affected by multiple other factors apart from spanking. However, the comments that followed, had as their basis the erroneous equation that no spanking = no discipline.

At its core discipline is about instruction and teaching our little disciples (children). Surely we can teach without spanking. It may require more creativity, some patience – in my case a lot of patience – and a change in mindset. Our goal should be to guide our children to fully functional adulthood in a way that models the world they will live in. As a general rule hitting an adult as a teaching tool (excluding contact sports and martial training) constitutes assault. Therefore rather than a question of right or wrong spanking is ineffectual  and not particularly suited for our particular context.

As for comments such as “pain teaches, like touching a hot stove” I say why stop there shame can teach us too, maybe we should allow our kids to speak in public while naked in a room of strangers.  “I know a kid whose parents didn’t spank, he was trouble”. Knowing someone who doesn’t spank and has terrible kids is like knowing a black person that steals, hardly indicative of the lot.

I propose a new equation spanking = compliance < discipline.

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    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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