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Blame Game.

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Today, in the parking lot of the supermarket across from my home I saw something upsetting and wrong. A mother was walking with her two children, about ages 4 and 7. They were running/walking in front of her and she wasn’t paying much attention to them. She then crossed to the other side of the street without holding their hands or guiding them. On their own they attempted to cross, got half way, hesitated and ran back. There was a car coming their way, albeit slowly. The mother snapped, yelling at her children. She called them bad, berated them for running in front of the car and lay on the guilt trip about them wanting to be run over by a car.
I find this situation wrong and upsetting for many reasons. Mainly, however, is the blaming of the children for her failing. If your child plays with something dangerous, runs across the street in traffic or engages in any other potentially harmful activity of which you disapprove. Please check to make sure that you didn’t create the situation to begin with e.g left the knife within their reach, failed to help them cross the street or teach them how to do it appropriately. Also, just because “you could do it at that age” doesn’t mean that your child can or should.
In fairness to the mom, her reaction may have been driven by fear, but it only further illustrates how we sometimes act without realizing it.


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