Non Absentee Dad


Welcome to the Non-Absentee Dad blog.
This blog is for fathers and father figures.
Fathers are usually second fiddle, we get crappy ties and socks for Father’s Day and are generally portrayed as inept half-wits.
Truth be told, sometimes we clamber up to the low bar set for us and are lost when it comes to nurturing and bonding with our children.
A non-absentee dad isn’t just present, he is engaged. He has decided to grow a pair, step up beyond mediocrity and give it his all. A non-absentee dad has the next generation on his mind. He wants his sons to become non-absentee dads and his daughters to choose non-absentee dads as the father of their children. He ensures this by being the model in this generation.
Men, we have what it takes. It might require some work, some heavy lifting. It will definitely require growing a pair, grabbing hold and answering “present.

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